Your free online fitness software

With RROX Training Technology’s free online fitness software, you can access your personal, password protected web page to:

  • Check the gym program your personal trainer set for you,
  • Watch videos that show you how to do each exercise in your workout, and
  • Record your fitness, weight loss or muscle gain in the fitness tracking system.

It’s a great way for you as gym user to get your exercise program from your gym instructor, learn the proper way to do exercises, record your progress and keep in touch with your fitness trainer via the message board.

Of course, if you are suitably experienced, you may want to use the free online gym program to set your own training program.


See exercise instruction guides

As a gym user, you can use RROX Training Technology’s free exercise instruction guides to see exactly how hundreds of exercises must be performed to gain maximum benefit from your fitness training program.

RROX online exercise instruction and fitness software is guaranteed FREE for anyone to use.

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