Free online personal trainer software

Your personal trainer business or work as fitness instructor is a lot easier with the free online personal trainer software offered by RROX Training Technology. You can create your own training management system where you:

  • Register and manage your clients,
  • Create fitness programs for them by clicking on the exercises you want and
  • Use the message system to communicate with clients.

The service is 100% free. All you have to do as personal trainer or fitness instructor to get access to this powerful training management system is to register. Logging in gives you access to great functionality and a comprehensive exercise database.


Create easy online exercise programs

The software for personal trainers to create exercise programs is simple to use – simply click on the exercises you want. RROX has one of the most comprehensive exercise libraries in the world. Each exercise is demonstrated under professional supervision of a qualified personal trainer, showing the equipment, grip and movement in a short video clip.

The exercises are organized by type and muscle group, so it’s like picking items off a menu. To make it even easier, the site has a number of ready templated exercise programs you can simply adapt for your clients. Amending an existing exercise program is only a matter of making a few clicks. Try this fitness management software now.


Give your fitness training clients added value

The fact that there is a clear demonstration video for every exercise saves you time. Your clients can refresh their memory on exactly how to do the exercise on any Internet device.

RROX Training Technology will not only add value to your fitness trainer business, it will also delight your clients. RROX Training Technology gives them free access to their personal page to track progress and check their latest program.

RROX online personal training software is guaranteed FREE for anyone to use.

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